Zachary Levi and feelings on President Trump

Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi

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4 Jun 2020

On his Instagram, Zachary Levi said

I’m not telling you who to vote for. That is your right, and no on should be shaming or bullying you into what they want you to do. That said, if you are someone who cares about Christianity, or the Bible, or anything that Jesus Christ stood for, I must implore you to take a hard, long look at how @realdonaldtrump treats it all. He doesn’t care about any of it, and it’s quite obvious. He uses the religion, manuscript, and character of Jesus as a prop to make you think that HE cares about what YOU care about. He does not. If you say that the Bible means a lot to you, and the Bible is full of the gospel, which is the GOOD NEWS THAT WE ARE CALLED TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD ABOUT THE LOVE OF GOD, how do you not know ONE VERSE that you feel comfortable sharing?? That’s because he doesn’t know any verses. Because he doesn’t know the Bible. Because the Bible DOESN’T actually mean a lot to him. It is only a prop in his hands. A prop he uses to lie to us all in order to stay in power. This is textbook evasion. And he continues to use the same tactic every time he’s asked anything important. Don’t be fooled. He is not in office to serve you. He is in office to serve his own, fractured, traumatized ego. I will continue to pray for him, and this country, and this world. Sending you all love and light. Always
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