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16 Feb 2018

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, when asked if he is religious, Willem Dafoe said

Listen, the thing that I read a lot is I read—the thing that I read for pleasure is religious thought, basically. And I like you know, you’re given the world religions, and you see you know, I’m always searching for the thing that connects us, and I’m always searching for the thing that transcends cultural conditioning, that’s why I like to work in lots of different countries, lots of different situations. And through religion, you know, it’s customs, its impulses, it helps for me anyway, to see the bottom line. Plus it’s a way to direct myself. So yes, I suppose I am. But you know, it’s such a personal thing and such a specific thing to talk about it generally is not so nice, because for people that don’t feel like they’re religious, they feel excluded in a conversation, like you’ve got a little club or something. That’s not it at all. I mean, I love to read various things, you know? Lately I’ve been reading a lot of Thomas Merton. And it inspires me. It inspires me. Just as thinking, observations about, for example, Merton, there’s some things, when I read Martin that make me think of [director Pier Paolo] Pasolini. You know? Thought about you know, reflections on what they think is going on. You know? Where we’re going, what we’re here for. What’s, you know, how to make out, how we deal with each other. This is a good place to-I like reading that stuff.
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