Willem Dafoe on being an Italian Citizen

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American actor Willem Dafoe, married to Italian director Giada Colagrande, stated in 2018:
“I’m proud to have become an Italian citizen. My family, friends, and love life are in Italy. I feel like an immigrant, I’m slowly turning into an Italian also in superficial things. I talk in signs, something I’ve never done before. In my life as a nomad, Rome feels like home.”

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Dafoe, Honorary Golden Bear: “I’m proud to be Italian” (cinecitta.com)

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Italian Immigrant

Possibly Pro-Immigration

Hi MD, thanks for contributing! We accepted a fact you sent showing Zidane was an immigrant before, but we noticed our tag system isn’t made to accept non-political facts. They are interesting, and we plan to accept them in the future in another format, but they create too many problems in our system right now. And they’re not political because omeone being an immigrant does not mean they are pro-immigration, weirdly enough! We will let you know if at some point we manage to include that kind of information on the website.