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Nicholas King Nolte is an American actor who has starred in over 60 films during his 40-plus year career, first gaining notoriety for his portrayal of Tom Jordache in the 1976 television mini series Rich Man, Poor Man, aired by ABC, based on the Irwin Shaw novel of the same name. Nolte has three times been nominated for the Academy Award, for his performances in the films, The Prince of Tides (1991), Affliction (1998), and The Warrior (2011). In 2002, Nolte’s notorious DUI mugshot appeared prominently in the tabloid and mainstream press. As it turned out, Nolte was high on the date-rape drug GHB at the time of his arrest and brief incarceration. To say the police blotter photo was an unflattering likeness of the actor would be to understate the fact; the widely-distributed image nearly derailed Nolte’s career.


The religious beliefs of Nick Nolte are a mash-up wrapped in mystery, tempered by a publicist’s level of instinctual media caution. “I have a hard time with God, and belief,” Nolte has said.
Raised Catholic, the thrice-Oscar-nominated actor seems content with a laissez faire agnosticism in adulthood [1]—though Nolte quite enjoys hanging out with Hare Krishnas, and credits the religious cult with helping him to conquer his alcohol addiction. [2]


Though one of his better known roles was playing a fictional POTUS on an Epic Network TV series called “Graves,” [3]—Nolte seems to eschew political stances generally, and over the years has remained mostly mum on that front, in the press, though he has called Donald Trump “a trip” and “not a tough guy” and gone so far as to compare tongue in cheek fistfuls of iconic hair follicles with the “orangey one,” during a NY city chance meeting. [4]
In 1965, Nolte was arrested for selling counterfeit Vietnam draft cards. He received a 45-day jail sentence and $75,000 fine. [5]. For years, he’d tell friends and reporters that he couldn’t vote—due to the felony conviction—but many have speculated it was merely his way of avoiding political discussions and absolving himself of political commitments.

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