What is your opinion

@VictorGalvao on Donald Trump

imo, he wasn’t as bad as what we currently have. but how old is he now? over 75? I think America, with 350 million population, can find a qualified person who is at least a little younger to run the country.

but anyways, it’d be best to reduce the size of the Federal government and leave things up to States or even local counties…

that’s just my opinion…

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Yeah I agree with MK here. I think there are more qualified people in the country, and I wish people would be more open to vote on other candidates instead of republicans/democrats only.

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I think none Affiliates conservatives should run for any election that’s my opinion.

Oh I found some celebrities quotes that you can put on hollowverse.

Anyone specific?

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Not at the moment no well there is one but I think he should run and his name is Kid Rock.

sure, why not…him and his first lady right here

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