What do you think of the FBI raiding Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home?

Unprecedented event in America’s history!

I think it’s very disgraceful what their doing to Trump.


I’m not a fan of the FBI raiding anyone’s home, to be honest. But I admit to be curious about what they’ll find there hehe

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Did you see Kari Lake’s tweets about this? That woman’s on fire.

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Just found out about this Merrick Garland: DOJ filed motion to unseal Mar-a-Lago warrant and property receipt - CNNPolitics

Damn this is the moment of make or break for Trump. I think it’s gonna break but who knows

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I honestly think Trump is going to be cleared and not get charged for something stupid.


That could likely happen. The whole thing could have been kept under wraps. It just sort of blew up into this big deal.


Yeah that’s true. If this ends up leading into nothing, I wonder if people will remember the raid more than the actual result.

@ThomasPaine Yeah, had Trump not made that public statement, would have anyone known about it?


I’m very sickened how our country is turning out. Into a socialist country because it’s been very hard for people like me who supports him.Because there’s a bunch of people who hates guns, censoring our free speech like they take it to far with that shit.

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Hey folks, just passing by to stir the pot a bit: Trump under investigation for potential violations of Espionage Act, warrant reveals | Donald Trump | The Guardian

Two words: Oh oh!

I also read that Trump’s keeping chemical weapons and WMDs in his Mar-a-Lago home, George Bush said. Colin Powel told him in a dream.

He’s not guilty!

Yeah, most likely not. They’ve cried wolf too many times before to have any credibility at this point.

I prefer letting the FBI conclude its job. No need to politic about it.