Trump calls caution over hasty vaccine development 'fake political rhetoric'

Donald Trump

Donald Trump


# Pro Vaccine
# Criticizes Biden
7 Sep 2020

In a news conference at the White House after Joe Biden announced that Kamala Harris is his running mate for the election, Donald Trump said

Biden and his very liberal running mate - the most liberal person in Congress by the way, is not a competent person in my opinion - who would destroy this country and would destroy this economy. Should immediately apologize for the reckless anti-vaccine rhetoric that they are talking right now, talking about endangering lives and it undermines science and what’s happening is all of a sudden you’ll have this incredible vaccine and because of that fake rhetoric, it’s a political rhetoric, that’s all it is just for politics.
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@VictorGalvao i think it’s hard to understand the context of this fact. Or what trump is saying here.

Trump didn’t support Biden he ran against him for re-election.


@Hunter_Harvey thanks for the correction. We fixed the error!

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