Travis Scott on Kanye West's Support of MAGA

Travis Scott

Travis Scott

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# Possibly Criticizes Trump
20 Dec 2018

In an interview with Rolling Stone, about Kanye West wearing a MAGA hat, Travis Scott said

I mean, shit, I’d tell him, ‘Bro, chill. What you gotta understand is, young black kids are looking up to you, and the message you used to preach in your earlier music? It’ll make a young black kid — it’ll make any kid — confused.’ That shit was — come on. But when Ye get on some shit, he on some shit. I don’t know if that n***a just liked the hat or what, dog. Ye deals with different shit in his life. That’s family. You don’t wanna desert your bro. Everybody go through shit. He still a dope musician. But he’s definitely hit me up about it, and I’ve told him, ‘Man, you got kids looking up to you, feel me?’
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