Tom Holland's wiki

Tom Holland is an English actor born on 1st June 1996 in Kingston Upon Thames in South West London, U.K. He was the first son of Dominic Holland, an author and comedian, and photographer Nicola. Tom lives in Kingston Upon Thames near his parent’s house.

Due to the creative professions of his parents, he was inspired by them and considers his father a key role model.

Tom Holland rose to fame in 2008, starring as a child actor in Billy Elliot the Music and 2012 production The Impossible. He has portrayed the superhero Spider-Man including Captain America: Civil War (2016) and Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

Nadia Khonani from the Guardian opined that Holland possessed cheeky British charm and wit, which makes him an object of infatuation on the internet.

Holland appeared on The Hollywood Reporter’s ‘’Next Gen 2015”, a list of promising newcomers in film . In 2019, Forbes featured him on ‘’30 Under 30 Europe’’ list of influential people aged below 30 years.

Tom Holland Religion
Tom was raised by staunch Catholic parents and attended Roman Catholic schools. It appears safe to assume Tom Holland is a Catholic and, therefore, Christian by faith. However, he has kept his personal life secretive and away from the limelight.

Political Views
Holland does not comment on U.S political issues given he is from London, U.K. He appears to be neutral in light of his authentic past.

Asked whether he thought that Spider-Man character can be presented outside of being heterosexual.

“I can’t talk about the future of the character because honestly I don’t know and it’s out of my hands. But I do know a lot about the future of Marvel, and they are going to be representing lots of different people in the next few years,” the actor said, before adding, “The world isn’t as simple as a straight white guy’’.

At the height of the Black Lives Matter movement after the killing of George Floyd, Tom Holland shared a picture of George Floyd on his Instagram, expressing support for Black Lives Matter. The post noted that police brutality was unjustifiable.

He does come off as a bit of a a-hole.