Tom Hanks on his upcoming film "The Post"

Tom Hanks on his upcoming film “The Post”… Hanks is co-starring in the upcoming film “The Post,” which tells the story of The Washington Post’s controversial decision to publish stories about the Pentagon Papers, the Defense Department’s secret study of US involvement in the Vietnam War.

The movie will be released later this month, and it comes as the administration continues to double down on attacks against the press.

Axelrod asked Hanks about the President targeting news organizations for publishing stories he doesn’t agree with.

“How much does that concern you?” Axelrod inquired.

Hanks said it concerns him, “because it’s monkeying around with our Constitution.”

“It is relatively obvious, I think, what is trying to go forward, when you tear down these institutions to a level of, so you can’t believe anything that is in any of them,” Hanks said. “That raises the stock of those agenda-filled other institutions and whatnot, so that if you can’t believe them, well, that means you get to believe some of the other stuff that is in these.”

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Source: Tom Hanks: Trump's attacks on press are concerning | CNN Politics