There should be a holloverse Wikipedia for contributors

I think there should be a hollowverse Wikipedia for contributors. Because it will show some Gratitude for the people who helped hollowverse. #community #comments #uncategorized

Thanks for the suggestion @Hunter_Harvey. I agree that Hollowverse should show more gratitude for contributors. But our software and website in general isn’t designed to give non-famous people, people like myself, their own dedicated pages.

But I have a suggestion, what if we make a dedicated tag right here on the forum, just for you? Then you can make posts on the forum about your political views, and tag these posts with hunter-harvey-contributor.

And then in your contributor bio, you can tell people to visit your tag page. For example, this is the tag page for Maxime Bernier Topics tagged maxime-bernier

Your tag page would be https://forum.hollowverse.com/tag/hunter-harvey-contributor

What do you think? I’m also open to other suggestions if you have any. Like maybe we can make the contributor box bigger or something.

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