Taylor Swift believes women get gaslit so often when their young by the time women are older they notice gaslighting when it happens

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Social Justice

# Advocates Against Sexism
24 Aug 2019

In an interview with The Guardian, before being interrupted by kitties, Taylor Swift said

I’m kinda used to being gaslit by now, and I think it happens to women so often that, as we get older and see how the world works, we’re able to see through what is gaslighting. So I’m able to look at 1989 and go – KITTIES!


Having dealt with a few of them, narcissists basically subscribe to a belief system that they should be able to do and say whatever the hell they want, whenever the hell they want to, and if we – as anyone else in the world, but specifically women – react to that, well, we’re not allowed to. We’re not allowed to have a reaction to their actions.

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