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# Criticizes Trump
12 Oct 2018

In an interview with Variety, T.I. said

To be honest, if something good comes of it, great. But you don’t just sell out a bunch of people to get nothing done. You don’t sell out a whole generation and a whole race of people to get nothing done. He spoke to me about joining in that meeting, and I said I’ll will need someone a whole lot smarter than me to be in that meeting — a Minister Farrakhan, an Ambassador Andy Young, a Harry Belafonte. I told Kanye straight up that If I could go in with them, I’m going. The conversation went away. Look, I’m no politician. Mine is an accidental activism that I stumbled into. I am very new. Far be it for me to think that I can go in and negotiate terms with a president, and not be taken advantage of. That’s stupid. […] I would have to address: What is with the constant disrespect and disregard for the lives of black Americans that you continue to display over and over and over again? How can you continue to galvanize white supremacy and ignore all of the plight of the underserved members of our community? Until that is addressed I can’t, in good faith, believe that we could negotiate any terms on anything. When you go into a meeting you need to have mutual respect. If you’ve shown me and my people nothing but disrespect, it is impossible to have mutual respect – that’s what I told Kanye when he talked to me about going with him. It ain’t the meeting that’s the problem, it’s that Kanye went in there shucking, jiving and tap-dancing and hugging, saying, “How much do you love this man?” when you don’t even know this man. He seemed like he even made Trump uncomfortable [by being] so affectionate. Bro, what you doing? You don’t go in there shucking and jiving and behaving that way, it’s hurtful and regressive on so many levels. That was how I felt.
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