Shyla Stylez's wiki by Caitlin Frye

Shyla Stylez, whose real name is Amanda Friedland was born and raised in Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada.

Her religion is listed as “Christian – other” on her MySpace page[1] but it seems like the closest thing Stylez has had to a religious experience is appearing alongside fellow porn actor Jez Christ in the movie Let Me Kiss It To Make It Better.[2] Or maybe it was Jez that had the religious experience.

We can make an educated guess that the “other” next to Christian means probably not that Christian at all. I can’t see her showing up at church every Sunday fresh from a shoot and sitting next to Grandma, but porn stars have been known to surprise in the past. Until she lets us know otherwise though, I think we can classify her as non-religious.

Politics isn’t really her thing either, unless you count having an affair with the assistant sheriff a political statement.[3] But, in line with her political beliefs (or lack thereof), all she had to say about what eventually became a sex scandal in the Orange County Sherrif’s department was:

I’m not going to confirm anything about anything. You’ve caught me off-guard.[4]

We could guess that Stylez is a Republican, considering she may want to hang onto every last penny of her $1 million fortune.[5] But assuming that she cares enough about politics to associate with a particular party might be assuming too much.

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