Sarah Silverman's thoughts about Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman

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28 Mar 2016

In a video on her Youtube channel, Sarah Silverman said

Hillary had always been my choice, I’m a Feminist. Democratic woman president? yes please, but she takes a lot of money from big corporations and banks the very people she says she’s going to stand up to, and look I accepted it because I saw it as a necessary evil as the way it is. Every politician takes money from big money, ever since it was made legal with Citizens United, it’s not right but it’s legal, it’s legalized corruption. If all the ballplayers are taking steroids then you have to take steroids too to compete, right? I’m not against Hillary I just… I met someone I have more in common with and his name is Bernie Sanders, […] He’s a socialist democrat, now let me explain what that is. He’s a Democrat, he just believes that people who don’t have the same advantages as you and me should be given the same advantages as you and me. Good lord don’t worry, under President Sanders you can still become a super rich.
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