Sarah Silverman's thoughts about being a biological mother

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In an interview with Los Angeles Times, Sarah Silverman said

Maybe down the line, in my 40s, I might want to adopt, but for a few reasons I just do not care to have biological children, I feel like, other than vanity or ego, I can’t justify it. There’s just millions of kids that have no parents, and it seems crazy just because you want to see a little you to have a baby. And I also think that everyone has things about themselves that they don’t like, and I am afraid to see that… My parents, my sisters and I, all of us had a lot of sadness in our childhoods; it’s in our genes. Depression. And I just can’t bear to see it…

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Hi Maria. I wouldn’t consider this political. I think it’s about a personal decision to adopt, and at best a suggestion that people should consider adoption. This is an endorsement of charity, but not political in any way I can think of.