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Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman

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# Climate Change Believer
# Supports Bernie
1 Apr 2020

In a tweet, Sarah Silverman said

To my wonderful friends who are passionate about Biden- I only ask that you allow me to continue to fight with all I have for the person who has unflinchingly fought for the rights of every American his whole life. Who understands the existential threat of climate change. Who is owned by no one but the people he serves. Who is sharp as a tack, and who persists despite all odds, (and bc of that, has changed the way we see things, each other, ourselves — and has undeniably pushed other candidates’ platforms toward progress. ) He inspires me everyday and, in my opinion, is far and away our very best option to defeat Trump. You don’t have to agree, but please allow me to fight 4 him. I don’t say anything disparaging about Biden. I just believe in Bernie. So I ask that you allow me this expression.
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