Sarah Silverman does not want to be associated with any party

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Sarah Silverman

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8 Mar 2021

On her Instagram, Sarah Silverman said

It’s the absolutist-ness of the party I am in that is such a turnoff to me, It’s so fucking elitist. You know, for something called ‘progressive,’ it allows for zero progress. It’s all or nothing […] I think I don’t want to be associated with any party anymore. It comes with too much baggage. Every party, it comes with so much fucking baggage that no ideas can be taken at face value. And without ideas, what are we? Without a common truth, how can we talk about it? You know, Republicans might hear an idea that they would totally agree with, but if it comes from AOC, then they hate it. And of course, you know, to be honest, when I hear an idea that comes from a Republican, it’s suspect to me.
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