Sarah Silverman believes in climate change

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman

Climate Change

# Climate Change Believer
15 Oct 2018

In a I Love You, America on Hulu show, Sarah Silverman said

I wanna talk to you guys about climate change. Wait, don’t switch over to Bosch! Hurricane Michael just happened; it’s the third most powerful storm ever on record to hit the US. It was, it was big, it was on every channel. But you know what is not on every channel? The reason these storms are getting more powerful and more frequent; God punishing gays? No, it’s climate change, it’s climate change. This past week the UN’s Inter Governmental Panel on climate change, let’s call it IPCC, released a report showing that on our current path, we will face apocalyptic levels of flooding, wild fires, and famine by 2040. Which is not just in our lifetime, but really f**king soon. It’s 2040.
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