Samuel L. Jackson on growing up in segregation

I was growing up in segregation, so I didn’t expect to go to the movies and see black people up on the screen. It’s just not what I expected. For me, everything was very separate. Even the movie theaters I was going to were all-black theaters. I went to a theater that was specifically black, in my neighborhood. My whole existence was black. I only encountered white people when I went downtown. Now when I did see Sidney Poitier or Harry Belafonte, I often questioned my mama about why he died all the time. Then when I started getting cast in something, I’d flip through the script and see what page I died on. I got it, at that point" said Samuel L Jackson on his different environment growing up.


Hi @KristsJ , thanks for submitting! Unfortunately, we are rejecting this submission. This quote is about Samuel L. Jackson’s upbringing, and although he does talk about segregation and how it negatively affected him, being anti-segregation is hardly a political stance in this day and age, as it would be very hard to find a mainstream public figure that is explicitly pro-segregation.