Ryan Gosling lobbied Congress to help victims of the war in Northern Uganda

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Wars in Africa

# Pro Aid to Uganda
7 Sep 2010

In an excerpt from The Enough Moment, Ryan Gosling said

That experience when we lobbied Congress was really great because we got a crew together and we walked around Capitol Hill and knocked on doors, and we talked to quite a few representatives and senators. We explained the issues of northern Uganda and what we had seen. The reaction from the representatives was fascinating. Voters think that these officials don’t get their calls or letters, but they do get them. It was interesting to actually see that they do have an office. And if you have sent a letter to that office, they have received it. And if they get 100 letters in that office, they pay attention to that. A few of the representatives said, “Look, it would be embarrassing for me if I got 100 letters in my office and I didn’t deal with the issue.” So it was nice to go and put perspective on this place that seemed so inaccessible to me before and to realize it is just a building with a bunch of people in it, and yeah, if you make a big enough noise, they will listen.
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