Russell Brand shocked he was termed right-winged

Russell Brand…Hey, wait, I’m not a right-winger! — even more dubious notions are slipped in through the back door, like the idea that Joe Rogan isn’t allowed to interview conservatives, or that if he does, he must do so using some bizarre pre-approved mathematical ratio.

Russell Brand talked about how you can’t believe the media and how they are using your political views for slander. Also, talked about how you need to come to your own conclusion on what you believe in and whether you are right-wing or left-wing. He was shocked that he made the list as right-wing.

Tags: Politics

Source: So, I'm Right-Wing Now? - YouTube

Thanks for submitting Missy! This video has tons of political Facts about Russell Brand, that was a great find. But in order for us to accept them, we need direct quotes of things he has said in the video so we can publish those facts. We can’t accept “He said” or “She said” :frowning: