Roger Waters says Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who's left of center

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Roger Waters

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20 Mar 2020

In an interview with the Austin Chronicle, Roger Waters said

Oh, believe me, brother, I was already politicized. My parents were both communists. Let’s put that out on the wires and then I can be dismissed like they’re trying to dismiss Bernie Sanders just because he’s faintly left of center. It’s not like Bernie Sanders is a socialist or a communist. He’s the only candidate who’s left of center.

There’s one other candidate who’s anti-war, which is Tusli Gabbard, but the rest of them are bullshit. ‘They are lackeys of the grocer’s machine,’ as I call it [chuckles]. They’re bought and paid for.

Forget them – all of them.

Some of them are worse than others. The idea that Bloomberg is … running … for … President of the United States is the most sickening and deadly thing I’ve heard since I heard that Trump was running for president [chuckles again]. I magine if Bloomberg became the Democratic candidate. You’d have exactly the same raging racist, homophobic asshole heading both of the only two parties that are allowed to take part in politics in the United States. Bloomberg is the same animal. He’s a little bit shorter and doesn’t have daft hair, but apart from that, he’s a dead clone of Trump.

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