Roger Waters pens letter in support of the Colombian people

Roger Waters

Roger Waters

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# Criticizes Right-Wing
19 Jun 2022

In a written letter to the Colombian people, Roger Waters said

Today is the second round of your Presidential Election. I have been following the election from afar, I was very excited after the first round when the center left candidate was leading, I even expressed my joy to sympathetic politicians in other South American countries. “Don’t get too excited” They warned, “The right wing will go to any lengths to subvert the will of the people, they will do anything to get their candidates into office, they will arrest, detain, disappear and murder to get their way” In the last weeks I have watched their dire prophecies coming true. I must speak out.

Twelve years ago in 2010, I performed The Wall in Bogota, I remember local students were protesting a visit by the then President of The USA George W. Bush. Nothing has changed. Bush and Biden are the same beast. Biden will be supporting the extreme right in your election in using all the above undemocratic means to steal this election from the people.

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