Roger Waters on VP Mike Pence and Sec.of State Mike Pompeo

Roger Waters

Roger Waters

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16 May 2020

In a conversation with Michael Moore on “Rumble with Michael Moore” podcast, Roger Waters said

In order for the end of times to happen, which is what they’re all looking forward to, particularly Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo … Evangelical Christians believe Jesus is gonna come back down, but he won’t come back down until after the Jews are reinstated in Israel, after Armageddon has happened in Israel, so there needs to be a battle, there needs to be a war there.

Jesus will come down, and he’ll take Mike Pence in one hand, and Mike Pompeo in the other, and with the other Evangelical Christians they’ll all drift off to heaven together … that’s what they believe, and that is what they’re looking forward to.

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