Roger Waters on Jeremy Corbyn and Religious Supremacy

Roger Waters

Roger Waters

Israeli–Palestinian Conflict

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8 Aug 2022

In an interview with World Beyond War, Roger Waters said

Gaza obviously is a different story but is it really a different story. It’s still a story of settler colonialism and imperialism and supremacy, in this case it’s religious Supremacy. The idea that somehow the Jewish people of some areas everybody else on the planet but particularly to the Arabs who the Palestinian Arabs. They don’t really care what their religion is. Some are Christians, some are Jews some are Muslim but that’s irrelevant to the Israeli State who believe that the Jewish people are superior more important than any of those people those people’s lives are worthless. And it breaks my heart every single day as it does the hearts of all of my friends who are involved in the struggle for Palestinian Freedom.

Julian Assange wouldn’t be imprisoned if Jeremy Corbyn had been elected which he should have been his election was prevented by the Israeli Lobby and you only got to read about it to know that that’s absolutely true.

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