Roger Waters on Boris Johnson and Winston Churchill

Roger Waters

Roger Waters

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# Criticizes Boris Johnson
6 Sep 2019

In a press conference at Venice Film Festival, Roger Waters said

I don’t know is Boris Johnson any more of a pig than Winston Churchill? I know, I think Churchill was more eloquent, probably slightly better educated he could probably do joined-up writing and stuff like that, which I doubt Boris Johnson can. Essentially are they different people? No, they’re part of the– they are part of an elite ruling class who figured out how to keep poor people under their control, how to basically how to enslave the other 98% of the population of the world. And allow them to die in dinghies in the Mediterranean because, because we as the human race are not focusing our attention on how to educate fresh generations to learn how to act collectively to help one another and to cooperate with one another because it’s not profitable. That I mean, that really is it’s the equation right there. If only peace was profitable well then that be peace everywhere.
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