Roger Waters believes veterans are fed propaganda

Roger Waters

Roger Waters

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11 Nov 2013

In an interview with Guitar World, when asked if there is continuity in veterans’ post-war stories or experiences, Roger Waters said

I think they may go in with an allegiance to the flag, and my suspicion is that most of them pretty well believed all the propaganda that has been fed to them since they were very small. And 9/11 was obviously a huge factor.

It calls to mind the very heroic football player who went out there to fight and got shot by his own side.

It’s such a weird story.

People now, just now, are starting to be able to say—only very occasionally— that 9/11 was sort of a wakeup call, and speak about what the insane person bin Laden was actually saying. There is a rationale in his position that was completely dismissed. I’m sure you remember at the time.

He said, “You can call them anything you want, but you cannot say that it was an act of cowardice to go on an airplane with a box cutter and then kill everybody. It’s not cowardice.” I cannot imagine what it takes out of you to do something like that.

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