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Robert Redford

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8 Jul 2020

In an Op-Ed for CNN, Robert Redford said

This November, unity and empathy are on the ballot. Experience and intelligence are on the ballot. Joe Biden is on the ballot, and I’m confident he will bring these qualities back to White House.


Instead of a president who says we’re all in it together, we have a president who’s in it for himself.

Instead of words that uplift and unite, we hear words that inflame and divide.

When someone retweets (and then deletes) a video of a supporter shouting “white power” or calls journalists “enemies of the state,” when he turns a lifesaving mask against contagion into a weapon in a culture war, when he orders the police and the military to tear gas peaceful protestors so he can wave a Bible at the cameras, he sacrifices – again and again – any claim to moral authority.

Another four years of this would degrade our country beyond repair.

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