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21 Nov 2004

In an interview with The New York Times, when asked if he's religious, Robert Downey Jr. said

I’m not above it. But like Jung said about people using religion to avoid a religious experience, I have managed handily to avoid a religious experience. I don’t know where I fall. Spiritual Green Party? There were times when I was into the whole Hare Krishna thing, which is pretty far out. Now I would call myself a Jew-Bu, a Jewish-Buddhist. But there were many times when Catholicism saved my butt.


I was in [catholicism] when I was on the B yard and they asked me, “Are you going to Catholic services or Presbyterian services?” I think I’m going to Catholic because they just give you more stuff. More candles and there’s a whole calendar where this day you read this, the next day you read that. It’s like a call sheet for spirituality.

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