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Regé-Jean Page

Regé-Jean Page


# Advocates Against Racism
# Criticizes British Colonialism
1 Jun 2016

In an interview with The Interview Magazine, Regé-Jean Page said

Zimbabwe’s one of the youngest countries in the world, it became independent from British colonialism in the 1980s. In America, you can still feel the echoes of slavery, and Zimbabwe is very much feeling the echoes of British colonial rule. It’s very hard to craft an identity in that environment as a young, mixed raced man. I learned from the age of three that I was a walking political statement. Just by walking around with my face, I was saying, “My parents did a fairly revolutionary thing that pisses off some of you.” You learn that how you act associates you with certain groups. I remember there was a really nice nursery school fairly close to us; my mum took me along and there wasn’t enough room, and then my dad took me along and there was enough room.


Roots is not huge in London, but it depends on who you talk to. In the States it’s a little more ubiquitous. In the U.K., if I talk to any of my friends with a bit of melanin, they’ll know what I’m talking about. If I’m talking to my white friends, they won’t. You get more of a straight down divide in the U.K. I expect that it’s because we’re a little better at the whole PR exercise around that particular part of history in the U.K. We’re quite happy to go, “That’s an American story. We came in at the end and saved everyone because we abolished slavery in the U.K. so we’re the heroes,” which is actually complete bullshit. We’re very happy not to associate ourselves.

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