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Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino


# Possibly Advocates Against Racism
19 Nov 2015

In an interview with AXSTv, Quentin Tarantino said

I have a vast interest in race in this country. In the way blacks and whites have dealt with each other and, in particular, these last hundred years. It’s a theme that I can’t get away from. I always keep going back to it. But, it’s such an important theme in America, and such an ignored theme, for the most part, in Hollywood movies that I don’t really need much more of a theme, as long as I have that one. It doesn’t even always have to be about white and black, but it usually is. […] Not only do I think that it relates to it [THE HATEFUL EIGHT], I think it… might be the only movie coming out this year that actually directly addresses it to some degree or another… It addresses the chasm. It addresses the resentment… And it addresses how hard some hatchets are to bury. All that is actually dealt with. When I wrote the film, I wasn’t trying to make an overt political statement about today. But I really realized pretty quickly that, ‘Oh wow, this is kind of almost a blue state, red state Western.’ Because both communities are dealt with. And it’s not a bad guy, good guy thing either. Nobody’s really good in this movie.
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