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Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev


# Black Lives Matter Supporter
31 May 2020

On her Instagram, Nina Dobrev said

I’m shook. Yesterday was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I witnessed things yesterday afternoon that I’ve only ever seen in movies. I live in the epicenter of West Hollywood where the peaceful protest quickly took a turn. I’m sad it became violent, but the violence didn’t begin yesterday. It’s been present for generations. What happened to George Floyd wasn’t an isolated incident. It’s a systemic problem that is now being filmed. Even if any of you feel as though all you are seeing are posts about the horrendous injustice, it pales in comparison to what the energy felt like being on the streets and there can never be too large of a light shone upon the truth. In my stories I’ve posted ways you can also join the movement. Please speak up, show solidarity, own the injustice. White people (and yes, I’m referring to myself as well) learn something and do something. It’s not enough to just post. Listen. Speak up. Amplify. And don’t stop there. Join the fight against injustice.
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