New editor instructions

There are three main parts to Hollowverse.

The Forum is where we have reader content. We invite readers to post comments and thoughts on the forum. We also use the forum to collect user contributions.

The CMS stands for Content Management System. It is the online tool where Hollowverse Editors go to upload Facts for publishing.

The Main Site is where we present all the data we collect. The main site is read-only. There’s very little interactivity on it. Most data input and interactions happen on the forum and the CMS.


To start your role as a Hollowverse Editor, here’s what you need to do.

Create accounts

First you have to create your Hollowverse Editor accounts.

Sign up for an account on this forum. Once you’ve signed up, tell the admin your username so that he/she can give you more privileges, like the ability to close topics, assign tags to topics, etc.

Next go to the CMS (https://cms.hollowverse.com/) and sign-in. You should have received an invite to the CMS. If you didn’t receive the invite, let the admin know.

Process the submissions

Now that you have set up the accounts, you can begin processing submitted Facts.

Facts get submitted to the Facts category on the forum. Pick a submission and process it.

Here is how you do that:

  1. Analyze the Fact to determine the Tags and Issue that can be applied to it. If we can’t derive any Tags from the Fact then it is not relevant.

  2. Verify the source. The source has to be DIRECT. If the source is referencing another source, then it’s not DIRECT. It’s a second hand source. We have to find the DIRECT source. Once we’ve found the direct source, then we have to make sure that it is a credible source. For example, an obscure blog is not a credible source.

At this point, you should know if the Fact can be accepted or not. If the Fact is not accepted, discuss the matter with the contributor on the forum to either improve the Fact or archive it.

Archiving a Fact

If the Fact is still unusable after the discussion, you should archive it.

  1. Go to the submission

  2. Find the wrench icon

  3. From the wrench icon, select Archive topic

Accepting a Fact

If the Fact is accepted, do this.

  1. Upload the Fact to the CMS by following these steps

    1. Go to https://cms.hollowverse.com
    2. Go to the celebrity page on the CMS (you can search for it)
    3. Click on the Add a Fact button
    4. Proceed according to training
  2. After uploading the Fact to the CMS, come back to the forum and tag the submission with accepted. Here’s how you tag submissions:

    1. Go to the submission
    2. Find the title
    3. Next to the title, you’ll see a Pencil icon if you have the right permissions. Click on it
    4. You’ll see a field for adding tags. Use that to add the accepted tag
    5. Click the check mark to apply the change

Find the next Fact to process

Now that you are done with processing this Fact, you can begin processing another Fact.

By the way, this forum software is called Discourse. It has some powerful features. One of those features is the search. For example, you can perform a search to show all the Facts that have not been accepted or archived yet. Those are the Facts that are still waiting to be processed. Below is a direct link to that search


Thank you

Thank you for helping make Hollowverse a useful resource. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the admin at any time.