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5 Jun 2017

In an interview with Billboard, Meat Loaf said

[Trump is] intelligent. He’s like me in the sense that he will hire the best people for the position that he can find.


He may be upset with me because in 2012, they asked me, ‘So what do you think of Donald Trump as a President?” and I said, “Well, I think he’ll make a great Secretary of the Treasury.” And he said to me, ‘Why wouldn’t you say I’d make a great President?’ I said, ‘Because you’re not really running. If you were running, I might have said you’d make a great President.”

Well, it was tumultuous with Obama. Obama was a little too peaceful and he let people get away with way too much. And it’s going to be hard to reign it in without looking like a bully. But he’s only been in office a little over 100 days and, I’m sorry, people are crazy.

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