Maxime Bernier mocks Liberals and CPC

Maxime Bernier

Maxime Bernier


# Criticizes Trudeau
# Possibly Against Climate Change Action
# Criticizes Socialism
# Freedom of Speech Advocate
# Anti Immigration
27 Nov 2021

In a video on Rumble, Maxime Bernier said

Parlament resumes this week and Trudeau reveals his action plan. I can tell you there's nothing new with this socialist government. We'll have more intrusions into exclusive provintials jurisdiction, with our national child care program. More censorship with legislation that will regulate online content. More mass immigration with an increase in the number of refugees and elderly immigrants. And more spending with a recovery program that will cost one billion dollars. As inflation continues to reach new highs each month and everyone gets poorer, Trudeau's priorities are climate change and the imposition of more restrictions on our rights and freedoms.
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