Machine Gun Kelly's wiki

Machine Gun Kelly, Colson Baker, was born on April 22, 1990 (1), in Houston. His parents were missionaries and moved around the world, living in Egypt, Germany, and the U.S states of Chicago, Cleveland, and Denver.

His parents were strict Christians who raised him as a Christian. However, he was rebellious as a child and recently stated that he regrets the decision (2).

He has remained silent on his religious affiliation.

In a rap feud with Eminem, Eminem called him a devil worshiper (3).

Machine Gun Kelly Politics

Machine Gun Kelly has stated that he is an anarchist (4), a political ideology that holds skepticism against authority and seeks to abolish all institutions.

He has attended events and expressed support for Black Lives Matter. In 2020, he was asked about voting and replied, ‘’Voting? They can kick my **s’’.

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