Lena Dunham / Political Affiliation

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

Political Affiliation

# Supports Biden
# LGBTQ+ Supporter
# Black Lives Matter Supporter
# Climate Change Believer
# Possibly Supports Universal Health Care
# Pro-Choice
26 Oct 2020

On her Instagram, Lena Dunham said

That cheeky smile is because I had the pleasure of voting early! Did you? It will surprise exactly nobody to learn that I support #bidenharris because I want a world where healthcare is a right not a privilege, women have bodily autonomy, systemic racism doesn’t run rampant throughout our police forces, our trans siblings can walk into any bathroom, global warming isn’t treated as a myth… the list goes on. This administration has told a lot of lies, but if you’ve ever heard your vote doesn’t matter then that’s the biggest lie there is. So make your voting plan, talk to your friends and family about theirs and vote like it’s as fun as eating Takis in bed or a night in Vegas- because there’s nothing sweeter than taking back your liberty, baby.
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