Kevin Costner believes Americans need to take stock of themselves in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Kevin Costner said:

“There are societies that are dictatorial that say, “Everybody do this and everybody bow down,” and thank God we’re not that, but for us to see the handwriting on the wall of what this is and what this continues to be, and the shading of the truth and the distortions of it—the false exaggerations of what we are doing—are so transparent that we need to take stock of ourselves. There are individuals that are placing their careers above the national good. And we need to remember if they’re right, and they haven’t been right about anything when it comes to [coronavirus].”

“I’m not just talking about him. I’m talking about anybody in politics. You can look at him, and you can look at all the senators and congressmen. Public service isn’t about your second term—it’s about the moment, and you’re supposed to let history judge it. When you go into public service, you should work so hard on behalf of the public that you don’t wanna serve a second fuckin’ term! You should be like, “I hate this! I hate having to go out there and do this.” And if you’re really good, the people won’t let you go. They’ll say, “You’re really good at this. You should stay.” Public service should be an everyday thing when that’s what you choose to make your life. It cannot be about your second term.”

“There’s no point in naming names because they’ve been outright about it but: history will judge you. When you look back at [Joseph] McCarthy, when you look back at black-and-white footage and see people who were beating on those who were marching for freedom, you don’t want to be that person. And there’s a lot of people where, when you look back 10 years, they’re going to see themselves. And it’s patently obvious where we should be, and it’s patently obvious where we are.”

Source: Kevin Costner on ‘Dangerous’ Trump, a ‘Bodyguard’ Sequel With Princess Diana, and American ‘Amnesia’