Kevin Costner advises you to wear your mask and go vote

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Kevin Costner said:

“Well, this is what you do: you wear your mask, and you go vote. You find that polling place, and you go vote. I saw a really interesting poster, the way that only advertisers can do it in such few words—that’s the reason why my movies are three hours long, it’s an art form. It was in New York, and it probably had to be 15 years ago, and it said, “93 million people made a difference this year—they didn’t vote.” So, it rests with us. Just like COVID and just like everything, we’ve lost a sense of ourselves, but we can try to gather it back by just simply voting. If you like the direction of the country then that’s what you vote for, and if you don’t, you vote for something new.”

Source: Kevin Costner on ‘Dangerous’ Trump, a ‘Bodyguard’ Sequel With Princess Diana, and American ‘Amnesia’