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“Justin is a Christian with all the intolerance that goes along with it”, really? Many of the leaders of the gay rights movement are Christian, like most of the people who are pro-abortion. In fact, it’s the societies with a Christian backdrop that are most tolerant. Homosexuals where killed or sent to the gulag under communism (which is officially atheistic). What’s worst, a country where Christians disagree over the birth of a baby (has nothing to do with women), or the officially atheist Chinese government forcing women to have abortions? My facts come from reliable sources.

Google words like: communism atheist godless China abortion homosexuals, and check the source (assuming you know the difference between reliable and bullshit).

BTW: I’m agnostic.

Thanks for the message, Ethan. We don’t necessarily disagree with what you wrote. The current article that’s up on Justin Bieber’s page was written 10 years ago and we are currently working on updating this content.

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Admittedly, I expected to be deleted.

The way I see it, the U.S. is a lot like the Supreme Court. Divided politically but all Christian. It was those Christians who made abortion and gay marriage legal.

I think it’s great that you’re rewriting the bias out.

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