Jessica Chastain on Women's Rights

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In 2014, she told The Wrap about the importance of giving female characters depth on screen, no matter how big or small their part is in a plot.
“I don’t mind if the character is a small character, but I would just like her to have a journey in the film. Sometimes the characters are just there as a prop to further the man’s story. The great directors I’ve talked to, I’ve said listen, I don’t mind playing a woman that is a tiny part, but how does the story affect her? What can I play in the end that’s different from the beginning? Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense, because it’s just like being a prop.”

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Jessica Chastain on the ‘Torture’ of Major ‘Eleanor Rigby’ Changes: ‘I Was Shocked and Scared’ (thewrap.com)

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Women’s Rights Supporter

Hi MD! This seems like a very focused criticism of the movies she’s been a part of. There is very little here in terms of her political opinion.