Jennifer Lopez on what her Super Bowl performance means in ‘Trump’s America’

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

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26 Nov 2019

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Jennifer Lopez said

I think it’s super important for two Latina women to be headlining the Super Bowl, especially right now in Trump’s America. So for me, it was something that I was excited to do.
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Hi Annie! Thanks for submitting. I didn’t see any reference to building walls in the post, could you point it out to me?

Here is the secondary source: Jennifer Lopez takes aim at Donald Trump in new behind-the-scenes Super Bowl video

I also watched the entire video and could not find the exact words that was quoted in news sites like NME. Maybe the video is just a snippet. Maybe the secondary source can be used because they quoted her there. But I will just use a different statement by her from the LA Times.