Jane Fonda Is Disappointed with Pres. Biden on Opening Public Lands for Oil and Gas Development

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda

Climate Change

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22 Apr 2022

In an interview with The 19th, talking about Jane Fonda Climate PAC, Jane Fonda said

I’m disappointed, frankly, that President Biden has opened public lands for oil and gas development. This flies in the face of his earlier proclamations that indicated he understood that the climate crisis is a true existential one for human beings and the planet. What I’d like to see, and what most climate activists would like to see, is President Biden declaring a climate emergency, which would free up all kinds of financial and political resources for him to bring to bear on this crisis. Another extremely important thing that needs to happen is an ending to taxpayers’ subsidies of the fossil fuel industry.

Currently we give them $20 billion every year. This is unconscionable and must be stopped. One of the provisions in the Build Back Better bill was an ending to these subsidies, but that was removed from the bill because of pressure from a group of moderate Democrats in Texas led by Rep. Henry Cuellar.

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