Jane Fonda doesn’t hate Donald Trump

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda

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26 Sep 2018

In an interview with Politico, Jane Fonda said

I hate what he stands for, what he does, what he says. I feel that I understand a little bit — this is a man who was traumatized as a child by his father, who had a mother that didn’t protect him. And the behavior is the language of the wounded. […] You never want to criticize Trump, and you don’t want to criticize Fox [News]. You want to tell people things they don’t know. […] You have to have empathy for him. And I think that that has to also transfer to the people who voted for him. Some of them, you can’t possibly persuade otherwise because they’re white supremacists. You know, or they’re so far off the spectrum, for their own traumatic reasons, probably. But there’s a whole bunch of Trump voters who we have to open our hearts to and understand why they voted the way they did.
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