Jamie Foxx believes Democrats should be more united

In an interview with Van Jones, when talking about what it’s like to be black in Donald Trump’s America, Jamie Foxx said:

“Say the economy is doing a little better, but you rip us apart so we can’t even have a conversation right now, that’s the disheartening part. That’s where I think, not only do we vote, but we put pressure on the people who are supposed to be doing it. What can you do to actually heal it a little bit?”

“Democrats are like R&B singers, they gotta sing lead. You never saw Obama with Clinton, they never came together if you think about it. You had all of these opportunities to come together. I remember when Obama won, I thought it would be great if Obama, Bill Clinton and all of the Democrats did a nice cover for TIME magazine. No. Republicans, they sing in a choir, they don’t necessarily sing in tune but they sing loud and they all know the words.”

Source: Jamie Foxx Talks Voting and Leadership With Van Jones' Be Woke.Vote | Time