How to Contribute to Hollowverse

Howdy stranger!

Thanks for coming in! I take it you’re interested in what we do here? That’s great!

We’re trying to build a new community for people like us, who are interested in politics and religions, specifically for public figures. We are trying to carve up our own little corner on the interwebs, where visitors can come in and educate themselves.

No matter your views on religion and politics, you are invited to join our community!

You don’t have to be an expert. Anyone with any level of interest is invited. Our only requirement is that you have the desire to contribute :slight_smile:


All you have to do to join is edit one of the pages on Hollowverse.

Each public figure page has a wiki section and a summary section. You can edit either section or both sections.

Here’s more instructions…

Are you interested in a certain public figure?

Use this search tool to find the page for the public figure that you’re interested in.

We also have this list. The list shows the most popular public figures who are missing from Hollowverse. You can be the first to write about those public figures.

Once you’re on the page of the public figure, you can edit their wiki or summary.


Editing the summary is a little easier than editing the wiki. Just click on the “Edit” button on the summary section, and a form will pop up. Fill out the form and submit it.


Some public figures already have wikis written. You can edit those wikis.

Some public figures don’t have wikis yet. Feel free to write entirely new wikis for them.

Edit an existing wiki

  1. Go to the Public Figure’s page on Hollowverse.com

  2. Scroll down to the info box and click “Edit this wiki”

  3. After you click “Edit this wiki”, you will be taken to the forum page where the wiki was originally posted

  4. Make sure you are signed-in (if you’re not signed-in, go ahead and sign-in here.) . Then scroll to the bottom of the forum page, and find the “Edit” button

  5. Click on the “Edit” button

Now you can edit the content and save it.

That’s it! A moderator will then review your changes and it will be shown on the public figure’s profile.

Write a new wiki

To write a new wiki, I would suggest that you start by reviewing Tom Kershaw’s wikis to get a sense of the writing style on Hollowverse. Now you can go to the Wikis category and click on “New topic” and start writing!

After you’re done writing, submit the post, and it will appear as a new topic in the forum. We will then publish the post on the main site.


Watch your wikis

Anyone can edit a wiki. Anyone can edit your wikis, too. When you create a wiki, you’ll automatically receive notifications when someone edits it. But you can also choose to watch any specific wiki or all wikis on the site, even ones that you didn’t create.

Watch a specific wiki

To watch a specific wiki, go to the wiki post on the forum and select watch

Watch all wikis

To watch all wikis on the site, go to the wiki category page and click on the bell and select “Watching”

Thank you!

Thank you for joining our community. If you have any questions, get in touch by sending me a direct message! I look forward to it!

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