How to Contribute to Hollowverse

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Any ordinary person can contribute to Hollowverse! And even an extraordinary person like you can! :smile:

Contributing is easy and it’s fully described on this page. When you contribute you get your information displayed in multiple places on the website, including the celebrity’s main page. You get your picture, name, website, and bio displayed! (Learn how to fill out your profile).

As a contributor, you will research celebrities then assign to them labels such as “Republican”, “Believes in Climate Change”, “Supports Black Lives Matter”, etc. and you will discuss your findings with other community members!

What we accept

We want any information that allows us to label the celebrity with political labels.

But here’s the thing. We are not interested in what other people say about the celebrity. We’re only interested in what the celebrity themself directly said or did!

Here are examples of interesting things celebrities said

I don’t believe in Heaven and Hell. I don’t know if I believe in God.

George Clooney

Can’t start the day without reading my Scripture or going to Mass.

Mark Wahlberg

Here are examples of interesting things celebrities did

During Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential Campaign, Shia LaBeouf donated to the Biden Victory Fund.

Robbie Williams became an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church Monastery to officiate the wedding of friends.

We rather have a quote from the celebrity whenever possible. So, instead of a Fact saying “Katy Perry showed her support for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention”, it would be best to submit Katy Perry’s quote at the Convention, which is: “I’m going to vote for Hillary Clinton. That’s right, I love Hillary too.”

Link to The Source

So do you know of any celebrity who said or did something political or religious recently?

Great! Now what evidence do you have? A link to Joe Shmoe’s blog isn’t credible, you know!

We need reliable evidence–something like a link to a specific social media post by the celebrity themself. Or maybe a link to a video interview. Or a link to an interview from a mainstream news site.

See this to learn more about valid sources.

The Date

We also have to know when the quote or action happened. Otherwise, we can’t accept it!

The Labels

Each piece of information we publish has to be accompanied by labels. If we can’t label the celebrity based on this information, it won’t make sense for us to accept it.

For example, Ricky Gervais said this:

I think people crave a oneness.

It’s interesting, but what label can we give to Ricky based on it? We couldn’t think of one so we didn’t accept that submission.

But when Bill Maher says

I’m an atheist pot smoker.

…well, that’s easy. We label him as “Atheist” and we accept the submission!

We call that a Fact


:white_check_mark: Do we have a quote or an action by a celebrity?

:white_check_mark: Credible source?

:white_check_mark: With a date for the quote or action?

:white_check_mark: Can we use it to label the celebrity?

Then we call that a Hollowverse Fact.

Everything we do on Hollowverse revolves around these Facts. You know how Twitter is all about Tweets? Well, Hollowverse is all about Facts.

Get yourself a little bit more familiar with Facts. Check out the Elon Musk or Greta Thunberg’s pages on Hollowverse. They have a few Hollowverse Facts each.

Submit a Fact

You can submit your own Facts!

How to submit a Fact

You are currently on the forum section of Hollowverse. This is the place where you’ll make your submissions. Once your submissions are published, they’ll appear on the main site, hollowverse.com.

Here are the steps to make a submission…

  1. Log into your acount
  2. Go to the Facts category
  3. Click New Topic
  4. Fill out the text box and submit!

Needless to say, avoid posting Facts that had already been contributed. This page explains how to find out if a Fact had already been posted.

The Hidden Launch Pad

We created pages for aiding contributors in their research effort. The pages have a bunch of links to google searches that bring up celebrity politics results. For example, the Michael Jordan page has links to google searches such as “michael jordan climate change” or “michael jordan black lives matter” etc. We call that page the Launch Pad.

Each celebrity has his or her own Launch Pad page, but it’s hidden from the general public. It’s meant only for contributors to find.

How to find the Launch Pad

  1. Go to this search page on the main site, https://hollowverse.com/search

  2. Search for any celebrity and go to their page

  3. Once you’re on the celebrity’s page, append /lp to the URL to reach the Launch Pad.

    For example, Robert Pattinson’s page is https://hollowverse.com/robert-pattinson. If you append /lp to it, it becomes https://hollowverse.com/robert-pattinson/lp.

    Kirk Hammet’s page is https://hollowverse.com/~kg/kg%3A%2Fm%2F0489w. If you append /lp to it, it becomes https://hollowverse.com/~kg/kg%3A%2Fm%2F0489w/lp.

Use these pages to launch your research!

Note that using the Launch Pad is optional. And not all political issues are listed in there. Use your experience and knowledge to research issues which are not listed there!

What happens next

Earn Stardust

After you make a contribution, a moderator will need up to a few days to validate it and publish it on the celebrity’s page. When your submission is published you’ll be awarded Stardust.

Earn more badges

Contribute more Facts to receive more Stardust and higher distinction badges! Here are all of Hollowverse’s badges.


Have a question?

Reply to this topic, chat with us on our Discord server, or email us!

Thank you for contributing!