Hollowverse Badges

Badges are fun to collect, but they are more than just that! They are a recognition of our contributions and a record of our achievements.

These are Hollowverse’s badges.

Universe Badges

The name Hollowverse is a pun on Hollow Universe, so we thought it would be cool for some of our badges to be astronomy-themed.

Stardust is our unit of measure. Each published contribution earns the contributor 1 Startdust. By collecting Stardust you travel away from Earth to reach farther and farther celestial objects.

This illustration from Wikipedia helps guide our design of the Universe badges.

Content badges

Not all of Hollowverse’s badges are achievable with Stardust, though. Some badges are unlocked by the nature of the contributed content. For example, the Biographer badge is unlocked when you contribute 25 Facts about the same celebrity, the Good Citizen badge is unlocked when you contribute 5 Facts about a politician.

Any more ideas?

Do you have any ideas for achievements and badges we should add? Share them below!