[Gavin DeGraw] Gavin DeGraw is anti-mask?

In a concert at Universal Studios Florida posted on YouTube on 4/19/2022 (approx. 47:35 in linked video, between Soldier and Maybe I’m Amazed) Gavin complained about wearing a mask on a plane and stated it was “time to get back to normal”…not implicitly a political statement but often associated with the right.

Tags: anti-mask

Source: Gavin DeGraw Live - Full Concert Universal Studios Orlando 2022 - YouTube

Hi Brandon! Thanks for submitting to Hollowverse! I checked the video, and he did complain about wearing a mask. But he didn’t say whether he did or didn’t wear a mask in the end, or whether he should or shouldn’t. Expressing frustration about wearing a mask is too ambiguous for us to tag him one way or another, so I can’t publish this as a Fact. Sorry!